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Leg Discrepancy Shoe Lifts

Leg Discrepancy Shoe Lifts

Footsmart for example sells adjust a lift an adjustable heel lift designed to correct leg length discrepancy. We specialize in shoe elevation shoe for shorter leg build up shoe and shoe repair of all kinds.

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Leg discrepancy shoe lifts. 5 steps to a custom modified shoe lift leg length discrepancy we specialize in shoes shorter leg buildup shoes buildup shoe shoe modifications shoe repair. There are other reasons a shoe lift full or wedge is prescribed but leg length discrepancy is the. Full platforms along the forefoot and rearfoot area of a shoe can be added.

This can make the two shoes fit and feel different particularly if the heel lift adds cushioning in the shoe. There are generally two kinds of leg length discrepancies. You may need a full shoe lift or full orthopedic lift if your legs are two different lengths usually called leg length discrepancy.

A common story with a lot of our customers is that they suspect they might have one leg shorter than the other. Full service custom shoe lift and shoe repair facility. Treating leg length discrepancy using heel lifts.

Shoe lifts can help equalize leg lengths and they are the most common nonsurgical treatment for a leg length discrepancy. 12inch 12mm leg length discrepancy lifts shoe leveler balancer for children and adolescents for uneven hips 11 cm toddler size 11 1 1499 14. The short answers is no you dont need a prescription but it you have never been measure by a professional it could be hit and miss to get your lift correct.

What we do is split the sole at the bottom of any shoe of men women and children add the build up to the specified size taper at the toe then reattach the original bottom of the shoe. There are many different adjustable heel lifts available on the market. Heel lifts for leg length compensation will only be required for the short leg ie.

A shoe lift adds height to a shoe bottom. Experts on leg length discrepancy inequality symptoms and treatment. Use of a lift can often improve a patients ability to walk or run and it can alleviate back pain associated with a smaller leg length.

Get it as soon as fri jul 12. Shoe lifts for limb discrepancy and more help with correcting leg length difference. We always suggest that you get measured for a shoe lift by a professional like your doctor or chiropractor.

Alimed has a variety of heel lifts pads wedges and evaluation tools to measure and treat leg length discrepancies temporary discrepancies when wearing a walking cast or boot and other conditions such as pelvic obliquity plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. In many cases the lift can bring the discrepancy down to a comfortable level. A heel wedge may be used in place of a full lift in some cases.

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